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American-River-Fishing-01-250Kangaroo Island Council maintains 5 boat launching facilities on Kangaroo Island. Council has a strong commitment to upgrading these facilities to a high standard. Following upgrades of each facility, boat launcing fees will be introduced. Income raised from the fees will be used to maintain the facilities.

The current Boat Launching Fees are available in the 'Fees and Charges Policy'. Daily launching fees are payable at Boat ramp. Short term (10 consecutive days), Annual and Lifetime passes are available for purchase from the Kangaroo Island Council Office. If you plan on using a boat ramp more than once a month, you should consider an annual permit. Application forms for this are available on the Forms page. The Christmas Cove Marina Terms & Conditions document provides all the details required by a vessel owner to be informed of their rights and responsibilities when mooring at Christmas Cove, Penneshaw.

The following table outlines the facilities at each boat ramp with more specific detail and a map provided further down.


Boat Ramp

 2 Lane Boat Ramp

Registration Station

No Fee Applies

Mooring Pontoon

Marina Berths





American River

  X X   X




Baudin Beach

X     X  



Bay of Shoals (Kingscote)

X   X    



Christmas Cove (Penneshaw)

X   X    



Emu Bay

X     X  





American River Boat Ramp



The Mooring Pontoon has a 2 hour maximum limit.

The Wharf is managed by DPTI.

Note: 5 tonne load limit

Baudin Beach Boat Ramp



In partnership with the Baudin Beach Progress Association, Kangaroo Island Council is undertaking a small project to upgrade this facility.

Note: 5 tonne load limit

Bay of Shoals Boat Ramp



Bay of Shoals Boat Ramp is located near Kingscote.

Note: 5 tonne load limit

Christmas Cove Boat Ramp



Kangaroo Island Council has undertaken a major redevelopment of Christmas Cove. The cove now could be described as a 'mini' Marina, able to accept a number of different vessels.

If you plan on visiting Christmas Cover with your vessel, please refer to the Soundings Plan produced in 2013 and the CCM Navigable Waters Plan produced in 2016 by Magryn Engineering Consultants.

Please note: a vessel that exceeds the dimensions stated in the CCM Navigable Waters Plan does so at their risk and that Council does not take any responsibility for damage caused to either their vessels or have implied liability for damage caused by users to any other vessel in the facility.

Note: 5 tonne load limit

Enquiries regarding leased berths please contact Council on 08 8553 4500.

Emu Bay Boat Ramp



In partnership with the Emu Bay Progress Association, Kangaroo Island Council is in the early planning stages for the upgrade of this facility.

Note: 5 tonne load limit

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