Kangaroo Island Coastal Hazard Mapping Project

Coastal communities are vulnerable to sea level rise, coastal inundation, flooding and dune recession in our changing climate. In responding to these risks, local councils must actively collect data that informs practical decision making, and provide the opportunity for capacity and resilience building amongst the community, council staff and other stakeholders.

The ProjectCoastal Hazard Mapping Image

Kangaroo Island Council obtained funding through the Natural Disaster Resilience Program to undertake a pilot coastal hazard mapping project for sections of the Kangaroo Island coast (subject to LiDAR data availability).   

The focus on coastal hazards associated with current and projected sea level rise aligns with the outcomes of the Resilient Hills and Coasts (RH&C) Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan, which identified built coastal assets as one of four priority areas of adaption on Kangaroo Island. 

The key outputs of the project are:

  • Detailed modelling using LiDAR data to develop future erosion and flood scenarios.
  • Analysis of the modelling to inform decision making.
  • Development of a communication and engagement strategy aimed at working with the community to build capacity and resilience.
  • Final report that assesses response options and makes recommendations to Kangaroo Island Council on adaptation actions.
  • Preparation and distribution of a case study to promote and inform similar exercises in other council areas. 


What can be done?

There are a range of actions that could be taken to reduce the risk to natural and built coastal assets and infrastructure.  This could include protecting what is in place at present or understanding when in the future to move key assets and infrastructure to sites less exposed to erosion and flood risk. 

American River Boat MooringHow can you get involved?

The Project Management Team is looking for five (5) Project Champions from within the community to be involved.  Champions are members of the community who will work closely with the Project Management Team to share key messages about the project and provide feedback about general community perceptions at key points.  Project Champions will collaborate with the Project Management Team in exploring response options and recommendations to Council on adaptation actions. 

Alternatively there will be Drop In sessions available on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for a two week period at the Council offices on Dauncey Street, Kingscote where the Project Coordinator, Anna Osman will be available to meet with you. 

There will be Public Consultation sessions held that will be promoted on Council’s webpage, Facebook and The Islander.

Community survey

To help inform the project, this community survey has been developed to help us understand

(1) what you value about our coastal areas

(2) what erosion and coastal flooding impacts have been observed in the past, and

(3) the pros and cons of possible response options.   

These issues will be explored further in a series of community workshops which will be held in the coming months.

All survey responses will be kept confidential and will not be attributed to specific individuals. 

Please click on this link to participate in the community survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YGB5DGB 

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