Community Consultation

Kangaroo Island Council advise the following matters are currently out for public consultation.

Council's Public Consultation Policy can be viewed from here.

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Annual Business Plan 2017-18

The Annual Business Plan identifies Council’s commitment to projects for 2017-18 and is derived from Council’s Strategic Management and Action Plan 2014-2018. The Plan aims to maintain and improve relevant, efficient services for the Community.

Council has adopted an ambitious 10 year Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) with the end objective being financial sustainability. The 2017-18 Annual Business Plan is the third year of the LTFP and Council is committed to this 10 year journey which will include identifying and adopting specific objectives and actions for the year consistent with the Council’s Strategic Plan, Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) and Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans (IAMP) to ensure the appropriate management of Council’s revenue.

PC DRAFT Annual Business Plan 2017-18(1821 kb)

During this time Council is holding two Community sessions which we encourage the Community to attend and take the opportunity to learn about the plan but also to ask questions about the proposed plan.

Kingscote, Council Chambers
43 Dauncey Street, Kingscote
6.30pm Thursday 11 May 2017

Adelaide: IBIS
122 Grenfell St, Adelaide
6.30pm Monday 15 May 2017

Hard copies of this consultation will also available for public viewing at the Kangaroo Island Council office and the Penneshaw Community Business Centre. 


Have your say:

Consultation opens 10 May 2017 and closes 5.00pm, Friday 2 June 2017. 


Next Steps:

There is a legislatively required meeting to review the feedback gathered during the public consultation:

Kingscote, Council Chambers
43 Dauncey Street, Kingscote
9.0am - 10.00am Tuesday 13 June 2017

All Community feedback will then be collated and presented to Council at the 13 June 2017 Council Meeting.



Finance Policies

The following financial policies are reviewed annually as part of the ongoing budget process and are out for public consultation during the Draft Annual Business Plan 2017/18 consultation process.

  1. Accounting Policy 2017-18(223 kb)
  2. Asset Accounting Policy 2017-18(367 kb)
  3. Budget Reporting and Management Policy 2017-18(189 kb)
  4. Debt Collection Policy 2017-18(273 kb)
  5. Disposal of Land and Asset Policy 2017-18(232 kb)
  6. Fees and Charges Policy 2017-18(201 kb)
  7. Finance Delegation Policy 2017-18(199 kb)
  8. Funding Policy 2017-18(191 kb)
  9. Internal Control Policy 2017-18(200 kb)
  10. Procurement Policy 2017-18(359 kb)
  11. Rating Rebate Policy 2017-18(422 kb)
  12. Treasury Management Policy 2017-18(281 kb)

Hard copies of this consultation will also available for public viewing at the Kangaroo Island Council office and the Penneshaw Community Business Centre. 


Have your say:

Consultation closes 5.00pm, Friday 2 June 2016


Next Steps:

All Community feedback received during this public consultation will be collated and our aim is to submit it to Council on 13 June 2017.






Click here to view Public Consultation Policy

Viewing of associated materials:

     Kangaroo Island Council website:

     Council’s office: 43 Dauncey St, Kingscote, SA, 5223

     Penneshaw Community Business Centre: Middle Terrace, Penneshaw, SA, 5222


How to provide feedback:

Feedback can be provided by one of the following means:

     Website: fill in online form

     E-mail:   E-mail any submissions to

     Mail: Mail any submissions to Kangaroo Island Council, PO Box 121, Kingscote, SA, 5223.


Acknowledgement of Feedback:

Council will acknowledge the receipt of your feedback, generally via email, or in some circumstances via letter.


What happens with your feedback?:

All feedback (in its entirety) is provided to Council along with a report. Council will then consider
the feedback provided when making decisions moving forward regarding the matter.


Other methods to supply feedback:

You can also provide feedback via the following methods. 
     -  Conversation with Elected Member direct (see Council website for contact information)
     -  Deputation to Council (please see request form on website)

Please understand that written feedback is the only form of feedback that is placed on the
public record in its entirety, and made available to all Elected Members and the general public

Further information:

Community Affairs Manager
phone: (08) 8553 4500


Cat 3 Notifications

Category 3 developments include those kinds of development not listed as either Category 1 or 2 in Schedule 9 of the Development Regulations 2008. In this case, a public notice is placed in the newspaper and any person can make a representation on the application. Persons who make representations in relation to a Category 3 development can be heard if they request it as part of the submission. A representation to a Category 3 publicly notified proposal also has an appeal right against the decision

The application details (plans, submissions etc) can only be viewed at Council's Office. Should you wish to obtain copies of these documents and a fee is also payable.

Please note that Category 3 Notifications are deleted from the website after the closing date.

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