Council Meetings

Kangaroo Island Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month (with the exception of January being the third Tuesday of the month) at 10:00am. Meetings are generally held in the Council Chambers, 43 Dauncey Street, Kingscote (except the October meeting which will rotate annually between Penneshaw, American River and Parndana or unless otherwise advised). The following meeting is scheduled to be held away from Kingscote:

  • October Meeting - Penneshaw Town Hall, Middle Terrace Penneshaw

Meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend and observe proceedings. Community members are welcome to participate, either via Deputations or in the ‘Questions from the Gallery’ session. Forms for participation are available in Council Forms. Meetings are only closed when topics of a confidential matter are being discussed. For example, an individual’s financial circumstances, legal matters or a particular staff member.

Council Agendas, including attachments, are made available prior to the meetings either electronically or in hardcopy at Council's Office (Kingscote) Penneshaw Community Business Centre, American River Post Office and Parndana Post Office. Minutes are available electronically or in hardcopy in the same locations approximately one week after the meeting date however they are provisional minutes until accepted at the following meeting.

Council meetings allow the Mayor and Elected Members to decide the Council’s policy direction and make decisions on other statutory matters. These decisions are then implemented by Council staff. Council is a statutory body and can only make decisions by resolution, this is done by a motion being put to a meeting and then passed by a majority vote.

Council also holds Informal Gatherings and workshops to share information about specific topics on a monthly basis. These sessions are open to the public with the exception of confidential items, which will be considered at the end of the agenda and will be closed to the public. Community members are welcome to attend the open sessions, and observe proceedings as a member of the gallery. Council will notify the public when these workshops occur and what topics will be discussed by placement of notice on Council's noticeboard (Kingscote) and on the website. No decisions are made at these sessions, and thus no minutes taken. Any decisions will be made at a formal Council meeting. 

A list of Council Agenda items (from November 2014 onwards) has been compiled HERE, which may assist you to search for a topic and then access the relevant Council Agenda & Minutes which are available below:

October 10 2017
.pdf Council Agenda 2017-10-10 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes 2017-10-10 Minutes
.pdf Council Agenda tabled documents 2017-10-10 Late Items
October 5 2017
.pdf Council Informal Gathering 2017-10-05 Informal Gathering
September 12 2017
.pdf Council Agenda 2017-09-12 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes 2017-09-12 Minutes
.pdf Late Reports - Council Agenda 2017-09-12 Late Items
August 31 2017
.pdf Council Informal Gathering 2017-08-31 Informal Gathering
August 8 2017
.pdf Council Agenda 2017-08-08 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes 2017-08-08 Minutes
.pdf Late Reports Council Agenda 2017-08-08 Late Items
July 25 2017
.pdf Council Informal Gathering 25-07-2017 Informal Gathering
July 11 2017
.pdf Council Agenda 2017-07-11 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes 2017-07-11 Minutes
.pdf Late Report Item 11.11 Council Agenda 2017-07-11 Late Items
June 29 2017
.pdf Special Council Agenda 2017-06-29 Agenda
.pdf Special Council Minutes 2017-06-29 Minutes
.pdf Council Informal Gathering 2017-06-29 Informal Gathering
June 13 2017
.pdf Council Agenda 2017-06-13 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes 2017-06-13 Minutes
.pdf Council Agenda Attachment 11.10 2017-06-13 Attachments
.pdf Council Agenda Attachments Late Items 2017-06-13 Attachments
.pdf Council Report 18.1 2017-06-13 Attachments
May 25 2017
.pdf Special Council Agenda 2017-05-25 Agenda
.pdf Special Council Minutes 2017/05/17 Minutes
.pdf Council Informal Gathering 2017-05-25 Informal Gathering
May 9 2017
.pdf Council Agenda 2017-05-09 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes 2017-05-09 Minutes
.pdf Council agenda Item 11.4 Attachment 2017-05-09 Attachments
.pdf Council Agenda Item 11.5 Attachment 2017-05-09 Attachments
.pdf Council Agenda Item 11.6 Attachment 2017-05-09 Attachments
.pdf Council Agenda Item 11.9 2017-05-09 Attachments
.pdf Council Agenda late item 15.8 Attachment Attachments
May 4 2017
.pdf Informal Gathering - 2017-05-04 Informal Gathering
April 20 2017
.pdf Special Council Meeting Agenda - 2017-04-20 Agenda
.pdf Special Council Meeting Minutes - 2017-04-20 Minutes
April 12 2017
.pdf Council Informal Gathering / Workshop - 2017-04-12 Informal Gathering
April 11 2017
.pdf Council Agenda - 2017-04-11 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes - 2017-04-11 Minutes
.pdf Council Agenda Late Correspondence - 2017-04-11 Late Items
March 30 2017
.pdf Council Informal Gathering / Workshop - 2017-03-30 Informal Gathering
March 16 2017
.pdf Special Council Meeting 2017-03-16 Agenda
.pdf Special Council Minutes - 2017-03-16 Minutes
March 14 2017
.pdf Council Agenda - 2017-03-14 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes 2017-03-14 Minutes
.pdf Late Items 2017-03-14 Late Items
March 7 2017
.pdf Special Council Agenda 2017-03-07 Agenda
.pdf Special Council Minutes 2017-03-07 Minutes
February 23 2017
.pdf Council Informal Gathering / Workshop - 2017-02-23 Informal Gathering
February 14 2017
.pdf Council Agenda - 2017-02-14 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes 2017-02-14 Minutes
January 24 2017
.pdf Council Informal Gathering 2017-01-24 Informal Gathering
January 17 2017
.pdf Council Agenda - 2017-01-17 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes 2017-01-17 Minutes
.pdf Council Agenda Late Correspondence 2017-01-17 Late Items
.pdf Council Agenda Late Report 2017-01-17 Late Items
.pdf Council Agenda tabled document 2017-01-17 Late Items
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