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Roads Closed - Update

27 April 2017 (amended: 27 April 2017)
Kangaroo Island Council have closed the following roads due to roadworks: - Seagers Road right at Timber creek bridge - Speed restrictions apply on Bark Hut Road Please drive carefully!

Media Release: Nod of approval for new KI Helipad

23 March 2017
Kangaroo Island’s new, and permanent, MedSTAR Helipad has received the nod of approval from Dr Evan Everest, the Retrieval Consultant for MedSTAR Emergency Retrieval Service, and Operations Manager of the South Australian State Rescue Helicopter Service.

Penneshaw CWMS

20 March 2017
Over the weekend there was a leakage from Penneshaw CWMS this was caused by issues associated with Pump Station 3. During the past week our CWMS operators has engaged with electricians, Pump suppliers and switchboard suppliers to resolve this situation. Additionally, he has been in constant contact with the supplier of the SCADA( telemetry) system in order to ensure that system operates unhindered. We have had a problem with a “soft starter” and an electrician was engaged last Wednesday to rectify same with parts ‘fast freighted’ to the island and installed. However, on Friday evening we did have an overflow at pump station 3 caused by a control system error not switching off pump station 2 and not sequentially pumping 3 to 4 , and 4 to the WWTO. This overflow left Pump Station 3 and ran through a neighbour's shed, causing offence and wetting ground stored products and equipment. We are assisting the neighbour with replacement of potting soil etc. and assisting in clean up. We brought our Environmental Health Officer to inspect and we are assured there are no health risks to the Community. We will continue to monitor the system and be alert for any other failures. Andrew Boardman (CEO) has contacted the Project Superintendent and Project Superintendent’s Representative ensuring they focus on preventing future issues

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