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Business Food Waste Trial Project Report Released

21 November 2019
The Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority conducted a Business Food Waste Trial Project to increase the rate of diversion of Food Organics and Green Organics (FOGO) into the green organics waste stream. Read all about FOGO on Kangaroo Island, the In Vessel HotRot System and find the report on the Business Food Waste Trial Project here.

A brand new Planning Scheme for KI – how will it affect your land, your zoning, your future development rights…?

3 October 2019
The SA Government is undertaking a comprehensive overhaul and review of the Planning Scheme across the State, with the aim to introduce a quicker, more simplified and more consistent planning system.

NBN Outages

13 September 2019
NBN Co apologises for the upcoming outages which are planned for the KI network upgrade to the Fixed Wireless over the next fortnight, starting Monday 16 September.
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