Camping Strategy Reports

This page contains the background reports, preliminary site analysis and concept plans and Standard Facility designs and plans for the camping and day visitor strategy.


Background Reports:

Shannon Architect's Camping and Day Visitor Strategy 2006(1888 kb)

Appendix 1(1045 kb)

Appendix 2(67 kb)

KIC Camping and Day Visitor Strategy - Directions Paper(1146 kb)

All Sites Facility Plan(34195 kb)



Preliminary Site Analysis and Concept Plans:


  Site Analysis Concept Plan Facility Plan
American River

Analysis 1(309 kb)
Analysis 2(245 kb)
Analysis 3(162 kb)
Analysis 4(174 kb)
Analysis 5(243 kb)

Concept 1(636 kb)
Concept 2(434 kb)
Concept 3(186 kb)
Concept 4(210 kb)
Concept 5(332 kb)

Facility Plan(3997 kb)
Baudin Beach Analysis(238 kb)

Concept 1(224 kb)
Concept 2(228 kb)

Facility Plan(1683 kb)
Brown Beach Analysis(276 kb) Concept(250 kb) Facility Plan(1709 kb)

Analysis 1(226 kb)
Analysis 2(236 kb)
Analysis 3(271 kb)

Concept 1(231 kb)
Concept 2(260 kb)
Concept 3(256 kb)
Facility Plan
(shared with Kingscote)(5540 kb)
Duck Lagoon Analysis(383 kb) Concept(422 kb) Facility Plan(1757 kb)
Emu Bay Analysis(343 kb) Concept 1(364 kb)
Concept 2(292 kb)
Concept 3(195 kb)
Facility Plan(2371 kb)
Hanson Bay Analysis(401 kb) Concept(416 kb) Facility Plan(1930 kb)
Harriet River Analysis(140 kb) Concept 1(258 kb)
Concept 2(165 kb)
 Facility Plan (Vivonne Bay)(3771 kb)
Kingscote Analysis 1(284 kb)
Analysis 2(188 kb)
Analysis 3(215 kb)
Analysis 4(231 kb)
Analysis 5(187 kb)
Concept 1(313 kb)
Concept 2(219 kb)
Concept 3(272 kb)
Concept 4(377 kb)
Concept 5(270 kb)
 Facility Plan(5540 kb)
Muston Lookout Analysis(270 kb) Concept(369 kb) Facility Plan(1690 kb)
Parndana Analysis(149 kb) Concept(194 kb) Facility Plan(1532 kb)
Penneshaw Analysis 1(259 kb)
Analysis 2(203 kb)
Analysis 3(202 kb)
Analysis 4(257 kb)
Concept 1(313 kb)
Concept 2(248 kb)
Concept 3(274 kb)
Concept 4(294 kb)
Facility Plan(3152 kb)
Pennington Bay   Concept(6385 kb)  
Point Ellen Analysis(344 kb) Concept(374 kb) Facility Plan (Vivonne Bay)(3771 kb)
Prospect Hill Analysis(337 kb) Concept(286 kb) Facility Plan(7980 kb)
Reeves Point   Mulberry Tree Carpark -
Option A & B(160 kb)
Snelling Beach Analysis(658 kb) Concept(763 kb) Facility Plan(2350 kb)
Stokes Bay Analysis(202 kb) Concept(273 kb) Facility Plan(2016 kb)
Vivonne Bay Camping Area Analysis(338 kb)
Jetty Analysis(209 kb)
Camping Area Concept(416 kb)
Jetty Concept(265 kb)
Facility Plan(3771 kb)
Western River Analysis(241 kb) Concept(382 kb) Facility Plan(1932 kb)


Standard Facility Designs and Plans:

   Facility Designs Facility Plans 
Additional Facilities  Additional Facilities 1(151 kb)
Additional Facilities 2(135 kb)
BBQ Shelter  BBQ Shelter(150 kb)  04051-1 BBQ(667 kb)
05160-VF-01 BBQ(403 kb)
Bird Hide  Bird Hide(112 kb)  04051-3 Bird Hide(501 kb)
Shelter with Seats Shelter with Seats(177 kb)  04051-4 Small Shelter(465 kb)
Sign Shelter Sign Shelter(172 kb)  
 Toilet and Store Double Enviro Toilet and Store(146 kb)
Double Flush Toilet and Store(135 kb)
Single Enviro Toilet and Store(135 kb)
 08001-1 Single Toilet(608 kb)
10016-1 Double Toilet(558 kb)
SO1 Single Toilet(157 kb)
SO2 Single Toilet(166 kb)
SO3 Double Toilet(218 kb)
SO4 Double Toilet(159 kb)
 Facility Plan Facility Plan(2057 kb)   


 Emu Bay

 Council's position on if Emu Bay Beach will be closed to vehicles is available here.


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