Feral Cat Management Initiative


Kangaroo Island has been a leader in feral cat management in South Australia through its early adoption of domestic cat management policies, research into feral cat behaviour and trialling of different cat trapping attractants and devices.   Cat management efforts have been limited by restricted resources but the KI NRM Board and the KI Council are united in their goal to eradicate feral cats on KI and have developed a process by which it can be achieved. The KI community and landholders have played a valuable role in managing feral cats to the extent that they are able, and it is hoped that this will continue.

An important new development was the launch of the feral cat eradication on Kangaroo Island 2015-2030 prospectus by KI NRM Board Presiding Member, Richard Trethewey, at the Threatened Species Summit held in Melbourne on 16 July 2015. The prospectus outlines a phased programme with the long-term goal of eradicating feral cats on Kangaroo Island by 2030. The first stage is seeking funding to trial effective cat control techniques on Kangaroo Island, with the second and third stages looking to eradicate feral cats from the Dudley Peninsula and then the rest of the island.

For further information about the proposed cat management programme please view a copy of the Feral_cat_proposal_version_11.pdf  and flyer or contact the Natural Resources on 08 8553 4444.

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