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Boat Ramp Permits 


External Guide: Ways to Make Your Home More Resistant to Bushfires

External Guide: Bushfire Risk Assessment

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Camp Grounds


Change of Contact Details

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Citizen of the Year

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Civil Disputes 

Community Capital Infrastructure Grants Program   

Community Partnerships Grants Program         

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Council Elections

Council Facilities

Council Meetings

Customer Service

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Community Wastewater Management Schemes

Policy: Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) Policy

External Guide: Proposed Encroachment over SA Water Easements

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External Guide: Brush Fences - Protection of Buildings
External Guide: Development Involving State or Local Heritage Places

Fire Prevention

Food Premises

Human Resources & Risk Management        

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Land Division

External Guide: Land Division


Native Vegetation 

External Guide: General information on Clearing and Offsetting
External Guide: Clearing during Planning and Development Activities
External Guide: Native vegetation coverage (maps)
External Guide: Natural Resources Centre

Outdoor Events

Property Information


Residential Development Code 

External Guide: Residential Code Updates

Roadside Vegetation

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Septic Tanks



Standpipe Water Meter

Tenders and Contracts


Youth Sponsorship

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