Kangaroo Island Council are pleased to announce that they are now offering sponsorships to community groups.

In the past Council would receive requests for waiver of fees and charges. During the 2012/2013 Annual Business Plan and Budget process it was determined that a more equitable method of applying fee waivers for community groups would be to allow the groups to apply for a sponsorship from Council that is equal to the fees and charges.

What is sponsorship?

A sponsorship from Council is usually the provision of a credit towards a fee or charge that Council would normally apply, for the use of a facility or provision of a service. This form of sponsorships is not paid in cash. Approval for these sponsorships is delegated to administration and may be processed quickly as part of the fee / charge / hire process.

Council may determine that they will provide cash sponsorship fora  particular request by resolution of Council. An application of this nature will need to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer who will then take the request to a formal meeting of Council for consieration. There is no specific budget provision for cash sponsorships and therefore the case for direct sponsorship will need to be exceptional and provide significant Community Benefit in order for it to be considered.

How does it work?

When you apply for a sponsorship, Council seek details of how Council will be acknowledged for the provision of the sponsorship credit.

What fees and charges can sponsorship be used to pay for?
  • Facilities hiring charges;

  • Development application fees*;

  • Road closure fees;

  • Materials and consumables;

What fees and charges can sponsorship NOT be used to pay for?
  • Bonds;

  • Statutory or legislative fees (development fees can be approved, all or part thereof, at the discretion of Council). Fee waiver for external referrals or agents will not be considered); or

  • Fines or expiations.

What is the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for a sponsorship you must meet the following criteria:

  • Application must be made by a Not-for-Profit organisation (including community, sporting and NGO);

  • If for Hall/Facility hire, event must be open to public (may charge entry fee);

  • If for Development Application Fee, development must not be on private land; or

  • If for Road Closures, event must be a public event.

Making the Council acknowledgement

To receive sponsorship your organisation must detail how Council will be acknowledged as a sponsor. This acknowledgement must be of equivalent value to the amount of sponsorship being sought.

Examples of sponsorships could include, but are not limited to:

  • Council acknowledged as key sponsor, meaning that our logo is on every document / advertisement / e-mail in relation to the event;

  • Council receive the ability to display / demonstrate at the event that is being held;

  • Council have an award named after them; and/or

  • At location of development a sign is erected detailing Council’s sponsorship.

Please note: Mentions in thank you letters, whilst important and appreciated, are not acceptable forms of sponsorship.


Council will automatically sponsor the following events; therefore no application form is necessary:

  • ANZAC Day

  • Australia Day

  • Settlement Day

Examples of sponsorships
  1. Community group seeks supplies for completion of outdoor project—value $50.

    Sponsorship offer: sign erected at site of project for 1 week indicating that Council supplied materials (sign supplied by Council). Acknowledgement in group newsletter / minutes and any press.

  2. Community group wishes to use town hall for public event—attendance 50 people—value $60.

    Sponsorship offer: Posters/invitations display Council logo as sponsor. Announcement at event that Council is sponsor.

  3. Community group wishes to use town oval facilities for the holding of a major event for public—attendance 100s—value $500.

    Sponsorship offer: All marketing indicates that Council is sponsor (including signs, programs and stationary). Council provided with display booth at event.

These are just some examples as to what would could be offered to Council in seeking sponsorship.

Sponsorships are ideally applied for in advance of need, however they can be applied for up to 3 months after the event. If intending on applying for after the event, fees and charges will need to be paid in full before the event.

For further information please contact the Community Affairs Manager on 08 8553 4500.

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